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White Milestone specializes in business and asset valuations of marinas ship-boat yards and mixed developments.

White Milestone evaluates the market potential of the offering of assets and related services, as well as enhancing the performance of  businesses or the potential of new projects as well as mature enterprises.

Our services

Business Planning

We define the most probable growth line throughout the life of the businesses and the return on investment. We help our clients to take the most appropriate decisions and define the perimeter of the asset to be developed, the most valid products to be offered to the market and the price the market would be ready to pay.

Validation, Valuation & Due Diligence (RICS certified)

Any business that occupies, owns, plans, or develops assets in today’s markets relies on a valuer’s expertise, quality standards and ethics. Valuations support nearly every decision that operators, developers, investors, banks and funders have to take during the life of the business. For every stage of the life of the business, we carry out Due Diligence processes for M&A and for funding schemes. Our clients are Operators, Banks, Developers, Investors and Funders. Our certified reports take into consideration technical, commercial and financial elements.

About us

Who we are

White Milestone has valued, analyzed and defined numerous marinas and marina projects. It has provided planning for marina businesses, for marina concepts and has coordinated tender and acquisition programs. The company is owned by Mario Sozio and Paolo AW Bianchi, members of the White Milestone team are based in Spain, France and Italy. Over the last 15 years White Milestone [former MDL Marinas Italy] has been responsible for every aspect of the marina business, with projects in various countries: Italy, UK, Greece, Malta, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, Monaco, France and Spain; The company has analysed new schemes and existing business, has delivered business planning and marina-commercial management, as well as audits and valuations of tourist ports in both financial and strategic terms. The company has analyzed a multitude of tourist ports and mixed land side developments, including marinas located in prime, iconic and/or strategic areas. Clients of White Milestone are banks, public and private investors, asset management companies, as well as investment and funding entities.

The team

15 years of Experience on field

6 motivated professionals


Paolo Bianchi
Mario Sozio
Vice President

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