We help our clients to develop sustainable corporate governance practices and improve their level of performance.

Our solutions combine strategic analysis, operational and financial planning, capital structure and valuation of operations and assets.

Our studies investigate and quantify the prospective to develop leisure marine complexes and define the conditions for the most suitable collocation of each project in the local and global market.

We assist our clients in taking the most appropriate decisions and validating the best option concerning what kind of marina or/and waterside should be developed, the most valid products to be offered to the market and the price the market would be ready to pay for each proposed offering.

We define the most probable growth line throughout the life of the businesses and the return on investment.

We are expert valuers with over 15 years of proven experience in marina operations, M&A and funding processes. As marina experts and certified members of RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) we provide indisputable professional audits and RICS certified Valuations, produced according to international evaluation methods and standards.

  • Marina review appraisals
  • Marina investment analysis
  • M&A Marina valuations
  • Marina expert witness testimony
  • Marina businesses and assets under concession residual value Estimate
  • Yacht and super yacht berth market value Estimate
  • Marina Performance analysis
  • Technical and Commercial Due Diligence

Our Market Researches investigate both the local market and the international markets and draw conclusions from both, where these impact on an existing or on a new marine destination. We evaluate the size of the potential international market and the potential within a domestic area to attract and induce the potential market towards the new destination. Our services focus on the understanding of the following points:

  • Domestic marketplace, marine offer, yachting, domestic tourism and lifestyle
  • International marketplace, yachts, super-yachts and tourist flows to be associated to the project
  • Technical aspects concerning weather, sea, offer of the territory, nautical and supply chain
  • Social and tourist aspects of the country, neighbour destinations, sports and marine tradition
  • Size of the market and the ability of the destination to attract and support yachts, super-yachts and marine tourism. Within the market research, investigations would also concern:
  • Overall understanding of the location and the area of the development
  • Attitude to the sea of the domestic end user and the international customer, captain, etc.
  • Current expansion of the leisure and tourism industry in the area, new developments in the country and in the neighbour nations
  • State and potential of the local nautical chain, services including boat sales, repairs, etc., extended to neighbour countries.
  • Market potential from other countries and areas of the world, focusing on market size and the factors that would lead people-tourist and super-yachts to choose the project over other locations.
  • Boat and berth numbers and supply-demand balance, pricing, habits, trends, cruising grounds
  • Area accessibility, international travel connections, including planned infrastructure.
  • International cruising routes, charter logics and super-yacht fluxes
  • International competition and marine tourist similar offerings, strengths and weaknesses.

We define the product, the price and the strategy through the elements that concur to build the value perceived by the market, going from Market Research and Analysis to the Business Planning.
Our Market Analysis breaks down the input provided by the market research and would provide answers and solutions to the following specific key elements:
– What are the points of strength of the offering or what is missing in the project ?
– Is there and will there be sufficient demand to fill a marina and a waterside complex ?
– How can the consumption of yacht and super-yacht services be enhanced and how to stimulate the international marketplace to relocate towards the project?
– What would be the best products to offer for a fast and solid response of the market ?
– What shape would the materialization of the market have in the marina and in the complex?
– Who would the ideal end user be, where would customers come from?
– What would put the marina development ahead of the local and the international competition?

Business Planning Consultancy services allow our clients to participate to public tenders, to realize new projects, or relaunch and revitalize existing project facilities in national or international marketplaces. We deliver pre business plan data by converting into tangible values all of the internal and external factors that influence and drive the marina business. Information from the Market Analysis is introduced in a tool call MEMA [Marina Evaluation Method and Approach] an econometrical model, designed to evaluate and develop marinas, it converts into tangible values the various intrinsic and extrinsic factors that influence the business The tool based on an econometric algorithm will evaluate the price and the potential of the marina; the model calculates and transforms perceived potential into tangible figures for the planning of marina businesses. With an analytical process we define the price that the market is ready to pay for a service, a berth, or for an asset in a specific location; and We provide calculated quantities and defined products functional to the master planning.

With the main scope of maximizing the value of shareholding and the performance of the business we work with our clients in the design and the implementation of their business strategy, we:

  • Contribute towards the definition of the company’s and shareholders’ objectives
  • Define and balance the offering of the business
  • Identify the fundamentals of value creation
  • Evaluate the company’s capabilities and challenges
  • Identify and define growth opportunities
  • Design business strategies
  • Provide analysis, insights, and action plans for commercial relaunch or new businesses start up
  • Provide expert opinion on technical issues related to management investments, initial or ongoing
  • Define the planning of the business
  • Screening and selection of the most suitable investments [based on track record, financial strength and marketing capabilities]


We align the strategic decisions with the financial performance of the centres of profit of the business

Our studies support our clients in the definition of the market demand for the waterside of a project, the marina and the connected ancillary businesses and activities. Our exercises support the definition of the tourist port typology, the mass of berths, their dimensions and consequently the financial aspects of the businesses. Our approach is to jointly analyse commercial, technical and financial interconnected spheres.
Calculations and projections are set to find the appropriate answers to recurring specific key questions, which not always find an answer in the planning of a tourist port complex:
– Which kind of customer base and market segmentations would populate the destination and the facility
– Which kind of marina and which amenities would be the most appropriate to be included in the project
– Which products would be offered to the market
– Which price would the market be ready to pay for the offered products
– Which is the best berth mix, the approximate number of berths and their dimensions
– Where to invest in and how much capital is sustainable for the business
– Which is the return on the investment

Our studies identify the factors that are considered imperative for the marina offering to appeal to the reference market.

– We determine the size of the local market and of the international market relevant to the project.
– Our market analysis indicates the theoretical number of boats that could be attracted to berth in a marina.
– We provide conceptual layout and draw conclusions from the pricing study as well as providing a detailed revenue projection.




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